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The beginning of bitcoin’s existence in 2009 opened doors to investment opportunities in an entirely new kind of asset class – cryptocurrency. There were many investors who entered the space at a very early stage.

Attracted by the enormous potential of these fledgling but promising investments and cryptocurrencies, investors bought them for a low price. Thus, the bull market of 2017 saw them turn into millionairesor billionaires. Even those who didn’t invest many times reaped decent profits.

Three years later , cryptocurrencies are profitable and Best crypto insurance company the market will continue to grow. You may already be an investor or trader or perhaps thinking about having a go. In both instances, it makes sense to know the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Has a bright future

According to a research report titled Imagine 2030, published by Deutsche Bank, credit and debit cards will soon become obsolete. Electronic devices and smartphones will take over.

Cryptocurrencies are no longer thought of as an outcast, but as alternatives to current monetary systems. Their benefits, such as safety, efficiency, low transaction fees, ease of storage, and relevance in the age of digital, will be recognized.

The implementation of concrete regulations will help to promote cryptocurrency, as well as increase their use. The report estimates that there will be 200 million users of cryptocurrency wallets by 2030, and almost 350 million by the year 2035.

Chance to be part of an Growing Community

the #IndiaWantsCrypto campaign recently completed 600 days. It’s grown into a massive movement that is promoting the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in India.

In addition an earlier Supreme Court judgment nullifying RBI’s crypto banking ban from 2018 . It has brought a new feeling of confidence in Indian bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors.

In 2020, the Edelman Trust Barometer Report also points out peoples’ rising trust in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Based on the results, 73 percent of Indians are in agreement with blockchain technology. 60% say that the impact of cryptocurrency/blockchain will be positive.

If you are a cryptocurrency investor and investor, you are part of an active and fast-growing community.

Increased Profit Potential

Diversification is an important investment guideline. Particularly in times , when the vast majority of the assets have incurred heavy losses due to economic troubles caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Although bitcoin investment has returned 26% from the start of the year till today, gold has returned 16%. A variety of other cryptocurrency has registered three-digit ROI. Stock markets as we know have shown poor performance. Crude oil prices have infamously dropped to below 0 during the beginning of the month in April.

Including bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in your portfolio would guarantee the value of your money in these uncertain market conditions. This was also a fact that was remarked on by the billionaire manager of macro hedge funds Paul Tudor Jones when a month ago he announced that he was planning to put money into Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Markets are On 24X7X365

As opposed to usual markets, the cryptocurrency market operates round the clock, all days of the year, with no fatigue. This is because cryptocurrency systems are constructed using bits of software code secured with cryptography.

The operational model doesn’t involve human intervention. So, you are free to trade crypto or invest in digital assets whenever you want to. That’s a major advantage! The markets for cryptocurrency are very efficient in this way.


No Paperwork or Formality Required

You can invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency anywhere and at any time, without needing limitations and restrictions.

In contrast to traditional investment options, which require a hefty amount of paperwork must be provided to prove your identity as an ‘accredited investor’ crypto-investment is open to everyone. Actually, this was originally the goal behind the introduction of cryptocurrencies. The democratization of finance/money.

To buy any cryptocurrency from WazirX you must sign up for an account. you only need to provide some basic details including the details of your bank account. Once these details are verified within a couple of hours, you’ll be ready to go.


When you purchase bitcoin or another cryptocurrency it becomes the sole owner for that particular digital asset. The transaction is conducted through a peer-to-peer transaction.

Unlike bonds, mutual funds and stockbrokers, there is no third-party’manages your investments on your behalf. You can call the shots to buy and sell whenever you’d like to.

Users’ autonomy is the primary benefit of cryptocurrency systems that allows you to invest and build an investment portfolio on your primary capital , ‘independently’.

These are just some of the advantages of investing in crypto. We hope that you will discover them to be useful and convincing enough to kickstart your investment journey in crypto.

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