Lotto games are thought to be as simple as picking six numbers and waiting for the perfect. The issue with this method is that you’re using an elementary system to attempt and win in a complex scenario. It’s true that lottery numbers are not random so your method of choosing numbers shouldn’t be. But that’s not all. It’s awe-inspiring to realize that the majority of people who plays the lotto is no idea how they can use the odds in their favor. Even if the numbers are totally random, your chances of getting the jackpot, or even a lesser cash prize do not change so long as the same amount of numbers are on the drum.

Constant Odds

You stand a chance of more than 120 million to one that you will win the big prize 53 numbers Powerball game, where players must choose 5 numbers and the powerball correctly. The odds won’t change for as long as the rules are the same. Should one or more balls be added  Thai Lottery VIP Sure Number   or subtracted the odds will instantly change. The jackpot can vary from one week to the next. It’s usually the situation that an initial payout of $3 million is rolled over to $200 million within a couple of weeks. This is an everyday occurrence because the jackpot is rarely hit.

Spread Your Cash Unevenly

With this information in mind, one has to consider the following question why people insist on taking the same risk of money and odds for a variable jackpot? Most lottery players will spend the same amount of money for tickets each week. Therefore, when they win the jackpot is $20 million the players spend $20 on tickets, and when there’s one of $120 million, they spend the same amount. In the above example it is the case that the player who plays the lottery has the same odds of winning both times but the reward is six times greater with the bigger jackpot.

If you don’t want to fall into this trap, change your betting strategy. Over an eight week period, instead of spending the $160 in a single transaction, buy more tickets when the jackpot is higher. If one ticket provides you with 120 million-to-one possibility of winning offer you a chance of winning 24 million to one chance of winning. Naturally, this doesn’t provide confidence but every bit can be helpful! The bigger jackpots also offer higher payouts for choosing three or four numbers.

Instead of sticking to the hackneyed and flawed normal method of mass consumption take advantage of the simple advice above to enhance your chances of striking it rich on the lottery.

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